Playing Relationship Games

There are many people who believe it is in their best interest to test their partner before making a commitment, but they are seldom prepared for the consequences of their own actions. They might not be aware of how dangerous playing relationship games can be until they have lost their one true love. For them, it is about their own insecurities. They fail to see their partner as a person with their own feelings, and hurting them can be a permanent end to the relationship.

Making a commitment to another person for a long term relationship is often difficult, and there is no way to predict how the future will affect the couple. While they might be able to navigate life together when there are no mishaps, a crisis could separate them completely. There is no valid way to test this, and making up a crisis is a firm path toward ending the relationship. Life has plenty of drama on its own without creating more.

When a person finds out they have been the subject of nothing more than a relationship test, anger is often the strongest emotion they feel. They will generally see it as a lack of faith in the truthfulness of their stated feelings for the other person, and they believe their integrity is doubted by their significant other. Their anger is real, and it will be difficult to overcome the obstacles it will create in the future of the relationship. Trust has been broken between them, and restoring it is never an easy task under any circumstances.

The need to manipulate another person is never a good one for those involved in a relationship, and making a choice to do it for data gathering purposes does not excuse the behavior. Those who begin this type of behavior at any time in a relationship might find that no one is willing to take or pass their test.