Letting the Right One Get Away

Playing the field is a good way to have fun with many different partners, but it is not a satisfactory way to find a great relationship. There have been times when people thought they were having the time of their life, and they suddenly lost the person they realized was their perfect partner. No matter what they do in the future, it is most likely they will never have another chance to get that person back. Their need to be with many has made it possible for them to let the right one get away.

There may or may not be just one right person for everyone, but dating is the way modern couples find each other. When they believe they have found the right person, it is time to make a commitment. Some daters never seem to find the right person, and it might be due to the fact they are too busy looking for someone who does not exist. They never see the person they are with, and it might be their perfect partner.

Choosing the perfect partner is not about what everyone else has, so individual needs and desires are important. Just because friends have spouses who look like models, it does not mean it is right for everyone. If they are more concerned with coming home to a good meal and interesting conversation, looks should matter a lot less to them. Searching for an intelligent partner who likes to cook should be their idea of a good date.

Many who date have their own standards, but they are not always the right ones. Rather than seeking the most attractive date, they should look for someone who has the traits they would feel comfortable with in the long run. Wise daters who are seeking a lifelong mate know this secret to finding the right one.