Caught at Play

Relationships must be carefully nurtured to grow, but those who are not ready or willing to settle down often want the benefits without the sacrifices of commitment. They believe this is their due for being with someone, so they manage to ignore the feelings their partner is investing in the relationship. When they are caught dating on the side, they often have their excuses lined up and ready to fire at their partner. They purposely hurt the other person rather than acknowledge their own bad behavior.

Being with a person who cheats in a relationship is painful, and many people end it quickly when it happens. They are intelligent enough to know they are better off alone than choosing to be an emotional victim. The other person, believing they will be able to win them back, might try to revive the relationship. Letting go and moving forward is the best way to deal with this situation, so avoiding a former partner who played is their best move.

When people play the field, they do it for many different reasons. Some of them are scared they will miss the right person, but others use it as a way to feed their ego. They are committed to a particular partner, but they get an emotional reward when they go out with someone else. Some of them do it for the thrill, and others have learned to enjoy it as a way of life. Their motivations generally do not matter, but few of them really believe they will lose a partner over their behavior.

Getting caught playing the field while in a committed relationship is not good for anyone involved, and it can lead to broken lives. The people who were victims of the game are emotionally hurt, but the biggest loser is often the one who thought they could get away with playing them.