Are Long Distance Relationships Worth It?

The world has become a place where people move across country or the world for a job. These people are often dating someone special. The couple must decide if they are willing to try to hang on to their relationship or let it go. This is a difficult decision and should be carefully considered. There are many points to ponder when a partner is moving far away, and the decision should be made as quickly as possible.

Communication is one of the biggest problems for people in a long distance relationship. Finding a good time to talk is often difficult due to time differences. If one person is working, the other may be sleeping. This can interfere with communications even if the time difference is only 3 or 4 hours. If it is longer, the time difference will have an even greater impact. The ability to create a good communication schedule is the first thing a couple should consider.

Lack of physical intimacy is another consideration in a long distance relationship. While intimacy may not be the most important consideration, cuddling does matter. A large part of spending time together as a couple is being able to hug, kiss and physically touch each other. Humans need to be touched or caressed on a regular basis. Solving this problem may be the key to continuing the relationship.

It is vitally important that both people in the relationship have full trust in each other. They will not be together and must trust each other to stay faithful to their relationship. Checking up on the other person will probably not be a realistic possibility. If one person cannot trust the other, the relationship will soon end. Both people must decide if they have enough trust to continue the relationship after their partner has moved away.